Summer Theme Wedding

What Makes a Perfect Summer Theme Wedding?

Wedding dress and wedding color, music, food and reception, invitations and venue, flowers, decoration and accessories- All these and more must be prepared for your wedding. And if you are not ready enough, any small mishap on one can put a big dent on your whole wedding celebration. But surely, you don’t want that to…

Wedding Cakes

Types of Wedding Cakes for Theme Weddings

People are realizing how important wedding themes are these days. In fact, it would be almost unbelievable if a new couple would not use a theme for their wedding. What’s so fancy with wedding themes is that you could customize the look and sometimes even the nature of the ceremony itself. From wedding favors to…

Color Wedding Theme

Choosing a Wedding Color Theme – What You Must Consider

Reception, flowers, church, wedding dress, music, decorations, and wedding color. A daunting task indeed. But all you need is a bit of organization to accomplish all of these. Start right by choosing a wedding color theme. Choosing a wedding color is simple. All you have to do is choose a primary color and secondary colors….

Winter Theme Wedding

Wonderful Winter Theme Wedding Ideas

Although most of the wedding ceremonies are scheduled during Summer and Spring, no one will stop you if you decide to hold your wedding during the winter season. So if at this point you have decided to get married when the snow is falling and everyone is celebrating the holidays, then here are some winter…

Victorian Theme Wedding

Tips on Putting Up a Victorian Theme Wedding

Planning a Victorian theme wedding is something that requires careful preparation and the willingness to shed money. Since you would need the bygone days factors, you must also be careful with your choices of ideas to follow your decorations, attires, favors, invitations and others with. In this article, you will find some useful tips to…

Tropical Theme Wedding

Tropical Theme Wedding: Tropical Ideas and Inspiration

The warm breeze, the damp sea wind, the magnificence of the seashore, these surely are great splendors only found in the tropics. No wonder, there are many couples wishing they could throw an excellent wedding celebration amidst the tropic’s uniqueness. Romance…spelled with a capital R! That’s what a tropical theme wedding is. No more, no…

Spring Wedding Theme

Spring Wedding Theme: The Vital Questions And Answers

There are only four seasons in our part of the world. If you are planning to get married, then you have to choose the best one for your concept. Winter appeals to lots of couples and so do autumn. Summer has also become a hit but you see, the most favorite since time immemorial has…

Princess Wedding Theme

Princess Wedding Theme: A True Display of Royalty

Arrange every detail of your wedding as to fit for royalty. One of the most common wedding themes nowadays is the realization of a girl’s dream. Most ladies during their childhood dreamed of having her own castle, a wardrobe of magnificently created royal gowns, a crown that signifies her royalty, and a luscious garden wherein…

Las Vegas Theme Wedding

Las Vegas Theme Wedding: Tips to Stop It Being a Gamble

And so you fell in love with the Sin City…and found the lady or the man of your dreams? Why not celebrate your wedding in the city that brought you together? It is a common notion to get married in Las Vegas style! Whether you want to tie the knot in the city itself or…

Italian Wedding Theme

Italian Wedding Theme: A Focus on Italian Foods

Thinking of celebrating your wedding with an Italian wedding theme? Good. But then, you must understand that the main thing you should be worrying about, aside from the seams of your gown and the folds of the envelope for your invitation is the main chef that would be supervising the menu for the reception. Italian…