Tips On Putting Up A Victorian Theme Wedding

Planning a Victorian-themed wedding is something that requires careful preparation and the willingness to shed money. Since you would need the bygone days factors, you must also be careful with your choices of ideas to follow your decorations, attires, favors, invitations and others with.

In this article, you will find some useful tips to help you set the Victorian mood on your big day.

Choose between over-all Victorian theme or mere resemblance of the Victorian era

First and foremost, you must decide if you are going to go all out or you will just choose certain elements in your wedding that would match with a Victorian wedding theme. For example, you could use the theme with your attire but not in the decors of the reception area. But of course, it could still be better if you'll incorporate the theme into each component of your wedding. But this would call for some good investments since you will have to rent or buy the components you would be using. Say accessories from this particular era.

Choose the wedding venue

Remember that among the biggest factors towards the achievement of a true Victorian theme wedding is the place of the ceremony and reception. The best option you must look into is an actual Victorian house or inn where the spirit of the era is left for preservation and eternal existence. But in the absence of this, you could always look for a Victorian inspired inn or a chair marked with Victorian classic styling. You could also consider a garden as your reception only ensures that this would be accessorized with plant arrangements and garden designs typical with this period.

Ensure also that there is a grand chandelier to witness your wedding day. Without this, your wedding would never be Victorian. But, if you prefer not to use a chandelier or two, you might look into the option of setting luxurious candelabras for a more casual look.

Choose your wedding attire

Victorian styled-wedding gown have always been pure white with high neck and long sleeves. This style is elegant indeed when combined with a pair of lace gloves and a sixpence in the shoe. Keep jewelries into their barest but don't forget to add a brooch at the neck or a veiled hat to keep with the Victorian flavor.

The groom would look best with a cutaway tuxedo and exceptionally large boutonnieres. You can also ask your guests to wear something Victorian in style. To keep the flavor oozing, we suggest that some of the pictures be made black and white.

Choose your wedding cake

Intend that your wedding cake be elaborately designed and majestic. An imposing image of a cake would surely accentuate the whole theme. Orange blossoms have always been a favorite topping but of course you could look for newer flavors that would emphasize the merging of one tradition with that of another.

Choose your wedding favor

Rosemary is among the most favorite Victorian wedding favor. This could be delivered in so many ways so long as the basic feature is the rosemary. Victorian frames and teacups would also be chic choices for a Victorian wedding favor.

What's so nice with this theme is that you could let your imagination play with the possibilities presented by the era. A little research will help you see more of the possibilities.



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