Italian Wedding Theme: A Focus On Italian Foods

Thinking of celebrating your wedding with an Italian theme? Good. But then, you must understand that the main thing you should be worrying about, aside from the seams of your gown and the folds of the envelope for your invitation is the main chef that would be supervising the menu for the reception.

While each culture boasts an individual approach towards wedding, the Italians give their best with their specialties on food. And you must focus on food indeed!

It is not simply serving Italian foods but serve them with great pride and extensive pleasure. If you havenít attended an Italian wedding yet, it would do you good to hear that there are some celebrations that boast a 14-course meal.

If you appeal towards a traditional Italian theme wedding, you can trim down your meal into five or seven courses. Be sure though that you incorporate some of the best foods Italian culture offers.

Begin with a main course of beef or chicken. You can substitute this though with a meal of special Italian sausage. Side dishes could then be a mixture of delectable array of pastas, vegetable dishes, various meals presenting Italian cheeses and antipasto. It would also be best to offer a selection of fruits on your table such as plump grapes, kiwi, sweet pineapple, strawberries and others. An air of aromatic Italian breads must also be constantly sent through the air.

An Italian wedding cake is typically made of several grand layers that present two miniature figures of a bride and groom on top of the highest layer. While the cake is served with a superb coffee, it is not intended to be the only sweet thing in the meal. You could also offer a sweet blend of cookies and sweet breads that are thought to bring good luck for the new couple.

With fine food come some good drinks. Italians are good patrons of wines. On your wedding, assure to it that a choice of excellent wines is kept at hand to be offered to your guests through the entire ceremony.

The main disadvantage point of an Italian wedding theme is the inability of the couple to recreate the entire ceremony. Unlike some wedding themes, the couples have the discretion of remaking some of the components. In an Italian wedding theme however, you could only stick true with a Roman Catholic mass. Nevertheless, you could take advantage of the ceremony in the wedding reception. Let your guests dance the night away into superb selection of Italian music by classical composers and singers. Be careful also to include some festive songs that are typical with traditional Italian weddings.

As for your wedding dress, be keen to stick with only two colors: either pure white or ivory. Italians still stick with this traditional and there is no sign of ever changing the way things re being handled.

A silk white gown with its long train is perfect for a wedding dress. A veil is also of great importance. A bride normally wears this veil until the moment the priest announces for the groom to kiss the bride. This symbolizes purity and virginity. The veil itself symbolizes that the bride has never seen a man before.

A small satin bag is also integral for the entire ceremony. The bride has to hold this through out the celebration to stash the envelopes the guests would hand her.

An Italian wedding would never be complete without some favors to be given to the guests. The couple must secure some lovely assortment of candy-coated almonds wrapped in beautiful packages.



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