Choosing A Wedding Color Theme

Reception, flowers, church, wedding dress, music, decorations, and wedding color. A daunting task indeed. But all you need is a bit of organization to accomplish all of these. Start right by choosing a wedding color theme.

Choosing a wedding color is simple. All you have to do is choose a primary color and secondary colors. Okay, it is still quite unclear to you how so here's what you should do to finally decide which color to choose.

Think of all the colors that appeal to you. List them down. You may probably have written several colors already.

Now, consider the time or season you are getting married. If it is winter, then dark colors such as burgundies and dark purples are perfect. For summer and spring wedding, bright colors such as yellow and orange good. Pastel colors fit as well. For Christmas themed wedding, green, silver, white or red can be used. Browns, reds, yellows, and burnt oranges are for fall wedding as they are the colors of the harvest time.

Pick the color from your list that matches the season of your wedding date.

Then, choose 2 secondary colors. It helps to look at the color wheel to know which colors match.

If you still find it difficult to choose the colors of your wedding, then you have 2 places to go: the wedding boutique and the ramp.

Look at flower arrangements to see which colors look great together. You can also ask for flower arrangers to suggest color combinations. Or, ask a clerk which colors come perfectly with the dress. The bridesmaids dress can also be a source of your wedding color.

Ramp suggests designs and colors straight from the designers. Okay, you donít have access to "fashion exhibitions". Look at magazines. You can definitely find unique and elegant wedding colors there.

Another place to find a good color combination is the butterfly garden, Why? You can never find the most amazing and inspiring color combinations anywhere in the world than from butterflies. Or, if there are no butterfly gardens near you, the encyclopedia will show you every single butterfly species known to man. Okay, no encyclopedia. Search the web. The point is, find inspiration from nature and you can surely pick up one instantly.

There are other ways to find a good color for your wedding. One of these is watching sports. Now, grooms will love this part. Search for the different color combinations of each team. Then, pick one that you are comfortable with.

There are also popular wedding color combinations you want to adapt. These are: soft pink and brown, pink and green, hot pink and black, fuschia and lime green, and fuschia and orange.

If you have already chosen your wedding color, avoid accenting too much black. Though black is elegant and very formal, too much of it may look like a funeral.

Wrap up: There is no perfect wedding color; so you have the liberty to select among thousands of color shades you can see. Make sure though that you are comfortable with your color choice even though your choices are not very popular. Choose the colors that will tell something about you as a couple and mood you want to achieve during your wedding. If your first color choice does not suit you, choose another. Do not stop until you are comfortable with your color choice.



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